Software Solution for Planning and Conducting a Transport Survey

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In cases when there is no ability to use different intrusive methods for the counting of traffic volume usually a non-intrusive method is used – manual observation using tally sheets. This method of data collection has the following drawbacks: expenses for the decoding of handwritten symbols from the tally sheets; expenses for data input into the database; observers can be irresponsible, etc. In the article a software solution which helps to solve some of the mentioned drawbacks is presented. The requirements for the software solution and software's architecture are presented. The solution consists of three main components: 1) web application – space for project manager for a project configuration, managing observation areas, observers and data exporting; 2) mobile application – application from which an observer can send data about traffic flow volume the system; 3) API – application program interface for communication between the mobile application and the server. The software solution has been implemented and tested for a real problem solution. The paper presents the results of testing, the advantages/disadvantages of the offered solution and directions of future development.


Transport survey
Traffic count
Software solution
Mobile application

Peer-review under responsibility of the Sociotechnical Systems Engineering Institute of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.